5/25: All ebook download links have been distributed!

5/20: Hardbacks of the trilogy were ordered!

5/19: Two tiers are packaged and being dropped at the PO today: A Book Rec from Rhea, and Hecate's Boutique Special.

The Luxe's Highschool Shelf tier is almost ready to be mailed, pending the arrival of a couple of add-on items.

Book three, Luxe in Arms, is officially finished, including the proofread edits! I ordered the paperbacks, and the hardcovers will be ordered within the next week, once I finalize some formatting for the dust jackets etc.

5/4: I ordered the paperbacks of Curse of the Soul Collector, the three YA books, plus books one and two of Luxe's Lullaby Trilogy. (I will order book three in a few weeks once proofreading and edits are finished!)

If the only physical books you purchased were Curse of the Soul Collector and/or the YA collection, or Luxe in Between, you should receive those in June (as long as nothing arrives damaged). :)

4/24: I ordered the hardcover proofs for the trilogy! They should be here in 2-3 weeks.

4/19: Book 3 is ready for its final proofread, then I will order hardback proofs of the trilogy! Also, I ended up printing full size tarot cards, rather than business card size, and I have them already. :)

4/3: Distributing the early bird digital add-on audiobook to those who responded with their choice of book thus far.

4/2: Proofs of paperbacks ordered.

3/27: REWARD SURVEYS SENT. Ebook of Luxe in Between is being distributed as applicable.


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white printer paper on green typewriter
white printer paper on green typewriter