My Second Novel!

Including an expanded "blurb"/description, and some of the reasons I enjoyed writing this book.

1/7/20230 min read

I started on this novel, Order of Terra, before my debut novel, Queen of Broken Dreams, was fully proofread or published. That's how excited I was about the idea, I just couldn't wait!

One of my inspirations to write a witchy book was a book called Wise Child, by Monica Furlong. This book was one of my favorites as a kid, and I still have a paperback copy on a shelf somewhere. Not only was it witchy and magical, but the characters were beautifully developed and ethnically diverse. My second novel is definitely witchy and magical, and also has ethnically diverse characters - hopefully I achieved excellent character development, as well! Within my witchy fantasy young adult story, I was also excited to include a post-apocalyptic setting and a love subplot that is LGBTQ+ inclusive. So many of my favorite reading themes, all woven into one exciting story!

For your reading pleasure, here is my current version of the "back cover blurb" for Order of Terra:

When Zoi turns 15, it’s time to begin her training for her future occupation. She has high hopes of being a greenhouse apprentice. Instead, her mother and fathers send her to train with her eccentric aunt, who lives in a cabin in the mountains entirely alone, with no modern technology - and who can supposedly do magic. Less than a year into Zoi's apprenticeship, known magic practitioners begin to go missing. The witch snatchers only grow bolder, until Zoi, her fellow apprentice, and their friends are forced to determine the identity of the culprits, and the reasons behind the kidnappings - before Zoi becomes the next victim.

This coming of age, post-apocalyptic, wonderfully witchy story includes a little romance and a lot of adventure. Will Zoi follow in the steps of her family and community, and choose a polyamorous lifestyle with her three best friends, or will she decide that her fellow magic practitioner Basil is the only one for her? She barely has time to consider her love life, as she and her friends struggle to track down the kidnappers and rescue her fellow magic users from a situation that grows increasingly perilous. Zoi must summon all of her strength, cleverness, and newly acquired skills in order to survive long enough to achieve her mission.

My second novel will hopefully be published in 2023 - but I don't have a set date at this time. Stay tuned here, and/or on my FB or IG, for updates. Thanks for reading!

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