Manifesting My Author Goals

What do I want from this hobby?

9/18/20232 min read

First, I need to say I write because I LOVE to write, not because I want or expect to be rich and famous for it. (Being famous actually doesn't look super fun to me. Because so many people...)

That said, it's kind of an expensive hobby. When I also consider that my current full time job has a definite end date within the next several years, I can't help but hope that someday my books will at least pay for themselves. (My math tells me that would mean earning about $200 per month.) In my wildest dreams, they would provide me with an income which would enable me to make writing my primary occupation, with my book cover design biz as a side gig.

I have set a lot of goals for myself in the past and I have accomplished all of the major ones. This one feels trickier. The fiction market is flooded, and I don't necessarily write whatever is currently trending for that market. So how can I go about pursuing this goal?

My first thought is that I can write (and market) a lot of books! Fortunately, I write pretty quickly. If I can publish 3-4 novels per year, my chances will increase for at least one of them to gain some popularity, right?

My second idea is related to the artist/patron relationship. Patreon is the most well known example of this model. Ream Stories is similar, but is designed for authors specifically. I have set up an author account on Ream, which is I am fashioning into my own little cozy, members-only library hang out space. Starting on the first level, I will offer my books in digital format via the Ream platform, plus writing tips, free downloads/printables, giveaways, and more. If you go all the way up to the fourth level, you will automatically receive a signed print copy of any book I publish, among other goodies and benefits. If you're interested in supporting me as an indie author for as little as $3 per month, please go check it out!

Thanks for following along! Your support means the world!